Testimonial: Maurice Explores Miele Triflex Performance Vacuum Cleaner for Home & Kitchen

What Maurice thinks

Hi, I'm Maurice, an expeerly tester. I'm here to show you the Miele Triflex Performance vacuum cleaner and share the experiences our family has had with it. The package includes various parts: the motor with battery suction tube, electric brush, handheld brush, carpet attachment, crevice tool, brush attachment charging station, spare parts, and a second battery The cordless vacuum cleaner can be assembled in different ways. first, as a handheld vacuum, second, with the motor on top for cleaning under furniture, and third, with the motor on the bottom Our boys often play in the woods, so there's usually dirt somewhere in the house We'll try to vacuum it up right away, and here we go with the race car; checking the hardwood floor Bathroom floor with grout: check Carpet: check After successful vacuuming, detach the dust container and empty it into the trash But what I find the coolest, is that the vacuum cleaner remains upright when you put it down. Conclusion: it's a perfect fit.

Product details

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Product name

Triflex Perfomance



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HX2 Performance