Nicola's Analytical Review: Miele Triflex Perfomance Testimonial - Say Goodbye to Pet Hair Hassles!

What Nicola thinks

This is Gary, this is Bobby, and this is me; the expeerly tester Nicola, 27 years-old from Lucerne. And this is our Miele Triflex vacuum cleaner. And we all have something in common, which is hair, They are simply everywhere, all the time. Getting rid of them properly is an art in itself. But that's why we have our Triflex. It's specifically designed for pet hair no matter how long the hair is or how tightly it's attached to the fabric, the vacuum cleaner gets rid of it. I mean, it's as if there was never a single hair on it. Inside the vacuum, it has a special filter that captures even the smallest particles so they don't get released back into the air, which is great for allergy sufferers. I can really recommend the Triflex to you especially if you have pets, because it handles hair very well.

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Product name

Triflex Perfomance



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HX2 Cat & Dog