Testimonial: Klaudia Reviews Miele Triflex Perfomance Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Review summary

The Miele Triflex Perfomance vacuum cleaner is designed for pet owners, offering easy assembly, long battery life, and effective carpet cleaning capabilities. Testers appreciate its ability to spot hair with the integrated light and its versatility in converting into a handheld vacuum for cleaning sofas and other furniture. Ideal for pet owners seeking a thorough cleaning solution.

Who is the Triflex Perfomance designed for?

The Triflex Perfomance is designed specifically for pet owners who struggle with pet hair removal.

How long does the battery of the Triflex Perfomance last?

The battery of the Triflex Perfomance lasts for up to 4 hours, providing extended cleaning time.

Is the assembly process of the Triflex Perfomance easy?

Yes, the assembly process of the Triflex Perfomance is described as straightforward and takes just a few seconds, with a small user manual provided for guidance.

Can the Triflex Perfomance be used on carpets?

Yes, the Triflex Perfomance can be used on carpets, effectively removing pet hair and other debris.

What additional feature does the Triflex Perfomance have to help spot hair?

The Triflex Perfomance has an integrated light that helps users spot hair in hard-to-see places, ensuring thorough cleaning.

What Klaudia thinks

Hello, I'm Klaudia, a tester from expeerly. For you today, I'm testing the Triflex HX2 vacuum cleaner for the first time. It's designed specifically for people who have a pet at home and struggle with a lot of pet hair every day. Another thing I really like is the vacuum's appearance and how easy it is to assemble. There's a small user manual on how to put everything together. The battery also lasts for up to 4 hours. The assembly process is truly straightforward and takes just a few seconds, and the vacuum is ready for use. Since my dog has an extremely dense coat and sheds a lot, especially before summer, I'm glad I have the Triflex. It can also be used on carpets, and all the hair is removed easily. Its integrated light helps me spot hair in places I wouldn't normally see, ensuring my home gets thoroughly clean. What's very practical for me is that you can easily convert it into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Because my dog also likes to be on the sofa and leaves his hair there as well. With the Triflex vacuum cleaner, I've found a great solution. How about you ?

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Triflex Perfomance



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HX2 Cat & Dog