Susanne's Analytical Testimonial: Koenig Elektro Beef Grill XL - Efficient, Sturdy, Quick, Easy Clean, Enjoyable Meal

What Susanne thinks

Hello everyone I'm Susanne I love grilling and I'm testing the new XL Grill from KOENIG for you and expeerly But first, let's read the user manual The device was quite heavy but very sturdy. Thanks to the good packaging it arrived without any damage It has a grill grate and 2 vegetable drip trays. After I've prepared everything I started to try out the grilling. On the back, it has a red power button, and on the front, there are 2 knobs to adjust the temperature and desired time. I was fascinated by how quickly the grill reached the desired temperature. Since the back area was hotter after about a minute I flipped the tray so that everything cooks evenly Despite the high temperature the outer shell remained cool to touch It has a practical and sturdy extension for removing the grill grate The oven cools down very quickly And it's very easy to clean with household paper then it's time to enjoy. All I can say is Enjoy your meal!

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Elektro Beef Grill XL



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