Dennis's Testimonial Grills Up Summer Magic with Koenig Elektro Beef Grill XL

What Dennis thinks

Hi everyone I'm Dennis and I believe summertime is grill time. That's why today I'm testing the KOENIG Beefgrill for expeerly The grill comes with a drip tray, grill grate, and an L-steel handle. The grill can heat up to 850 degrees which should result in particularly crispy steaks and we'll find out if that's really true Step 1, add water to the drip tray to prevent the dripping fat from catching fire. Step 2, preheat the grill which takes no more than a minute or two Step 3, put the meat in. Step 4, wait Spike also says it tastes delicious Step 5, carefully remove the meat crispy on the outside and still pink on the inside just as desired Since the KOENIG Beefgrill can take care of the meat on its own I was able to focus on the side dish during this time Ultimately, I would say if you want to have steakhouse-quality steaks at home the KOENIG Beefgrill is the right choice.

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Elektro Beef Grill XL



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