Esther's Wilfa Powerfuel XL Blender Review: Blend, Crush, and Soup - A Kitchen Essential!

What Esther thinks

Hello, I'm Esther, 32, from the Zurich Oberland and I'm an epeerly tester. Today I'm going to show you the Wilfa Powerfuel XL, a blender that can do more than just blend. For example, it has extra functions for smoothies, ice crush and hot soup. I love smoothies at any time of year and with the Wilfa blender I can now make them quickly at home at any time. I can also use the opening at the top to refill it if I've forgotten something and can enjoy my smoothie at home afterwards. But as I said, the blender can do even more, namely make hot soup. You can just let the program run for 10 minutes and afterwards you get a really steaming hot soup. And it's also super easy to wash, just mix in some water and washing-up liquid, rinse well afterwards and you can use it again. I recommend the blender to anyone who loves making smoothies and soup as much as I do.

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Blender Powerfuel XL - black



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