Analytical Review: Bauknecht Toploader Washing Machine Testimonial by Carlos for Sportswear Hygiene.

What Carlos thinks

Hello everyone! My name is Carlos, and I often come home with completely sweaty sports clothes. That's exactly why I'm testing this top-loading washing machine from Bauknecht for expeerly. After the installation by the technician, all I have to do is turn on the water tap and plug in the power cord, and then I can put the sweaty clothes into the washing machine. The operation is really super easy. As you can see here, you can also close the drum with just one hand. Then I measure the detergent, fill it into the washing machine, close the lid, and off it goes. For my training clothes, the Sports mode is the best option. It takes about 2 hours and ensures not only that the laundry smells good but also that it is washed hygienically. If you're in a bit of a hurry, there's also the option to do it all in half an hour. What convinced me the most about the top-loader from Bauknecht is its compact size perfect washing results, and the fact that you can hardly hear it while washing. That's why it should definitely not be missing in your apartment.

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Waschmaschine Toploader



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