Rowenta X-Force Flex 14.60 Animal Review by René: Powerful, Stylish, Versatile Vacuum Solution

What René thinks

Hi, I am René, a Payment Consultant from Münden, and I have been testing the Rowenta X-Force Flex 14.60 Animal for expeerly for a week now. First of all, how stylish can a cordless vacuum cleaner be? Chrome design, LED lighting, and that slim battery. It's not only amazingly flat but also really lightweight. It's hard to believe that this little device powers a whole vacuum cleaner. And overall, the entire vacuum cleaner is relatively light. This is especially important for us as we live in a three-story house, and the weight of the vacuum cleaner should not be underestimated. Despite these features, the X-Force shines in terms of performance. And its performance is put to the test under challenging conditions in our home with two white dogs, a black carpet, and two enthusiastic cooks but it handles it all without any problems. And did you see that just now? When switching from the floor cleaner to the handheld cleaner, you don't even have to change the nozzle; everything is integrated. But now, the toughest test is yet to come as we transform the garden shed from winter storage back into a children's clubhouse. My conclusion about the Rowenta X-Force is a clear recommendation for purchase.

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Animal Akku-Staubsauger X-FORCE FLEX 14.60 A



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