Roberts Petite 2 DAB+ Radio Review: Karin's Tranquil Digital Detox Journey

What Karin Andrea thinks

Hi, I'm Karin, entrepreneur from Wädi and tester for expeerly. After days full of screens, phone calls, constant dings and pings, I need a digital detox. The Roberts Petite Radio is the perfect decelerator and transports me to an intact world with my favorite radio stations. It accompanies me while I mend my socks undisturbed, gives me a lift when I'm doing traditional baking and makes time stand still when I'm crafting. Even the chaos in the kitchen becomes an experience. Cell phones and social media are banished from the bedroom thanks to the sleep timer, clock and way functions. Smart functions, headphones and Bluetooth connection? Check. Six hours of battery life and the compact size are ideal for on the go. The week can come, I'm refreshed.

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Petite 2 DAB+ Radio



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